Cars have always been a huge passion of ours, with our main hobby being motor racing. With great success in motor sports, both club and historic, this is also another service we are able to provide to our customers.

Having built many  successful race cars and carried out work on many more down to modifications and preparation, this is yet more experience we can share. This can also include on track support and full time out of season preparations and storage. Our friendly team are available for all your motoring requirements.




Why not let us reduce the hassle and relieve the stress of selling your car? With a higher chance of a quicker sale due to our many contacts, you could significantly decrease selling time. We can ensure your car is in top condition and able to earn it’s correct value. No problems and ready to go!br>



With our many connections and sources, we can seek out your dream car. No matter the budget, we will always do our best to ensure you pay the most reasonable price possible and as proficient mechanics, you can be assured that the cars condition will match its value once we give the car a check over. Take comfort in knowing that the experts will do whatever they can to achieve satisfaction.


Leaders In The Industry

Our team are knowledgeable within’ this industry, we always give you the very best possible advice and are always available to assist you with any queries you have,

Wide Range of Knowledge

With a robust knowledge of a large selection of popular vehicles, you can be sure that we have the expertise and know-how with anything you can throw at us, this is our passion.

Trusted By So Many

We’ve helped so many customers find what they need here at Unique Classics, it’s no wonder we are trusted by a community of thousands of customers.

Top-notch Performance

Our service department maintain your car to stay safe on the road for many more years and allowing the vehicle to always provide top-notch performance the Unique Classics way!